Monday, April 11, 2016

When Discouragement is Real


 Life can be very beautiful and very wonderful, and amazing. Life can also get hard, and complicated, and messy. We get hurt and our hearts broken when people and the world lets us down.  It can also be crushing when you try to reach out to others for help in a tough season, and they don't respond in the way you hoped they would to provide support and encouragement. It's important to remain hopeful; keep reaching out, stay positive, and look towards the bright side of the situation, as much as possible. Keep listening for guidance from God, and listen to others, as God can definitely speak through them too. The world is a broken place and it rarely offers the kind of peace we are looking for; it rarely fills the hole we are looking to fill. This emptiness can only be found truly in Christ.

In these tough moments and seasons, it's important to remember who we are and how much God loves us and He is with us fully in it all. God uses pain to bring about something new-  Isaiah 66:9. We can also be thankful in the things God shows us and what He has already blessed us with.

When life lets you down, it's an opportunity for you to press in to God so you can feel His love and reassurance that He is there no matter what. Let God fill you when you feel empty and sad. Let Him be your constant anchor when you feel unsure during a stormy season. Pray about what is on your mind and let Him speak to you. Give thanks. Know that God works all things out for good, and for those who love him- Romans 8:28